Training with Quality

Yizong LDG 2013 - Bristol & Bath

My teacher taught me to train with quality, he would tell me that it is better to drill an application or exercise fewer times with greater quality than many hundreds of times with less.

When we talk about quality, we mean the level of control and how well one can maintain good structure. Good structure is the alignment of your body at its strongest point, you must be aware of all parts at the same time, if you only think about your feet.... You better believe even the eyes give away the point of focus, and damn sure everything else is starting to fail.

The same goes when practicing fighting applications, there is absolutely no point in beating the hell out of your training partner, especially if they are static; This only reduces the quality of the application, and is not only dangerous, but does not develop your skills effectively... Hard and fast applications should only be used when you are practicing free sparring or some form of combative fighting.

So, even if you don't know the people you are training with very well, it is important to relax... And if they don't let you relax you must MUST communicate with them. Stopping and calmly stating "Please do not hit me like that" might work, if not then stop altogether or find a new partner as soon as possible.

NOTE: Too much resistance because you were scared can cause you a serious injury.

Internal Kung Fu with Master Luo De Xiu

Back in July this year Yizong LDG in Bath were lucky enough to have my teacher Kung Fu Master Luo De Xiu visit to take us through Taichi, Bagua and Xingyi.

This was a relatively small group, which made the seminar more personal.

As usual Master Luo expressed great enthusiasm for the Internal Arts he was teaching. During seminars he is very practical, he focuses less on drilling forms and would much rather show you how things work, how to set somebody up for a bigger strike and how to use somebody's movement to your own advantage.

One thing is immediately clear from the outset, Master Luo's uncompromising frankness regarding all things esoteric,  he strongly advises against following that path and repeatedly comments on how it just cannot help you in a fight. I have always known this about my teacher, but it may have come as a surprise to some.

Another thing that may come as a shock to people who have felt the power of Master Luo's strikes (even when they are soft), or experienced his complete control at all times and his ability to change automatically, may be surprised to learn that he had very little hard external training when he was a student. His kung fu is truly gained the Internal way.

After the seminar I asked Master Luo if anyone had tried to test him, which may have pissed him off, he answered, "If that had happened you would have heard a sound ------- BANG! When they hit the ground hard". We both smiled and headed for the pub.

Founder of Yizong LDG

Training in Bath Somerset, South West

We are currently running classes in Bath Percy Community Centre on New King Street from 7:30pm Tuesday evenings.

Focusing on Internal Kung Fu, including a complete system of Gao style Baguazhang (Bagua),  Hebei Style Xingyiquan (Xingyi), Yang Style Taijiquan (Tai Chi).

We practice traditional kung fu forms and fighting applications in every class. There are also Sword and Staff weapons.

Classes are run by Oliver, a senior student of Master Luo De Xiu of Taiwan, where he trained for many years and returns every year for training with his teacher.